Stafford & Frigo

Stafford & Frigo



Thursday, August 28, 201408/28/2014

SEC Storied — The Believer

Here’s the trailer…..


Thursday, August 28, 201408/28/2014

Sorry, We’re Out of Stock

Invisible Cord?? :)


Tuesday, August 26, 201408/26/2014

Who Left All These Fans On?

Guy Loses It Because It’s So Windy!


Monday, August 25, 201408/25/2014

The Couch Won’t Fit

How long do you try to stick a couch in a car?


Wednesday, August 20, 201408/20/2014

Bob Costas Throws WILD First Pitch

Gets a “re-do”!


Tuesday, August 19, 201408/19/2014

Taylor Swift Goes Pop?

New Shake It Off Video

kenny mary

Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Kenny and Mary Spotted

Walking near the beach

Little Girl

Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Back To School Poem

I Trust You’ll Treat Her Well by Victor Buono Text and Audio


Friday, August 15, 201408/15/2014

The Giver Movie Opens

Taylor Swift Is In It


Thursday, August 14, 201408/14/2014

Craig Morris In The Fox Hole

Paragould native plays keyboards and sings with Loretta Lynn

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Tracy Morgan settles suit with Walmart over fatal crash


The "SNL" star sued the retail giant over a semi crash that killed one man and left Morgan and two friends seriously injured.

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Baby goat doesn’t care about dog’s nap


Keep on keepin' on, goat. We like your style.

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LiLo is (finally) finishing her community service


The "Mean Girls" star had to log 125 hours before May 28 after a judge rejected her previous effort.

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Bob Barker is a boss at retirement


The former "Price is Right" host and avid animal lover says he is a "complete success" at retirement, and is enjoying his free time.

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Want something sold? Get Liam Neeson to pitch it


The "Taken" star has edged out fellow Irish actor Pierce Brosnan to be named the most effective celebrity pitchman.